We Are Obsessed With “Fearless Girl” (You Should Be As Well)

Photo: Lydia Montgomery

In the Unites States, less than 15% hold corporate board seats within global companies. (In some sectors, the percentages are even slimmer). The numbers are sobering. Organizations that include women at the highest of management levels, can enjoy a number of potential advantages, including financial performance and problem solving capabilities. Why the discrepancy?

How do we begin to shift the mindset?

Hence — “Fearless Girl”. (Read more about it here.) A direct response to the lop-sided makeup of the highest ranks of many organizations.

That the statue stands in defiance of the icon “Charging Bull” —  in the midst of New York’s financial district holds tremendous significance. (She’ll be there for one year, although many are fighting to keep her. Some are unhappy with her presence). The statue was surprisingly commissioned by State Street Global Advisers. Its message is to inspire the many companies in which they invest (more than 3500) to advocate for more women at their highest ranks.

Photo: The Boston Globe/ Mark Lennihan

This week, the bronze statue received a number of awards at the prestigious Cannes Lion Creative Festival. (Artist Kritsan Visbal’s beautiful piece was cast at Baltimore’s Hampden Studio New Arts Foundry.) The campaign creators  — Lizzie Wilson and Tali Gumbiner — have expressed that they are more than thrilled.

We  are as well.

Congrats to Fearless Girl!

Courage is everything.

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