Brands to Love (and Respect): Mirabelle


Here is another brand worth the conversation.

Jewelry can take any wardrobe from ordinary to amazing — and an inspired jewelry designer can bring more to your wardrobe than just outward beauty. One such maker is Mirabelle, a British based Fair Trade* company with pieces are created with “love and soul”. (We can all use a bit of that on a daily basis).

Founded by Veronique Henry, the daughter of a Parisian silver maker, Mirabelle Jewellery Ltd exudes a quality of understated elegance. Worn by many, including the Duchess of Cambridge (she chose the Lolita Earrings,) the brand has been seen on numerous editorial pages.

As described at Mirabelle’s site, pieces are created:

“With a strong belief in the power of jewellery to uplift the spirits, collections are imbued with symbolism and meaning, from crystal stones to ancient talismans.”

The brand includes a number of curated collections, including a British made charm collection, a fair trade collection and a natural pearl collection. All include wonderful, easy to wear pieces.

Here are the links to our favorite picks. (BTW, these items are affordable.)

Our Earring Picks: (Quite difficult to narrow the choices! See the entire collection here.)

Source: Mirabelle Website

Charm Collection Picks:

Let us know if any of the pieces spoke to you.

*From Mirabelle’s website: Fair Trade is a tool for reducing poverty in developing nations. It’s a form of Trade that builds equitable and long-term partnerships between producers in developing regions of the world and consumers in the north.

Fair Trade Guarantees many things including the following :
“…producers “receive a minimum set price for their goods, financial and technical support, healthy and safe working conditions, economic development of their communities, and educational opportunities for their children.”

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