You Should Carry a Notebook


Photo: evies@unsplash

Throughout much of my career I’ve opted to carry a notebook. I suppose it is my own form of “idea GPS”.  I believe that moments of clarity are precious & deserve to be recorded. I hate when something crosses my mind and then disappears.

Notebooks have so much to offer — including a dose of balance to our ever-growing online lives. They are easy companions. A notebook can accompany you on business trips, vacations and moments of solitude. I’ll concede, that other methods might prove to be superior in certain situations. However, there is nothing like putting pen to paper. (The physical process of writing helps us commit information to long-term memory and can aid in idea development.)

Da Vinci utilized notebooks and that alone is good reason to employ one. He often used mirror-writing — but don’t let that deter you. (Mirror writing is definitely optional.)

In the past, I’ve carried standard spiral notebooks (I enjoy college logos). However, today there are so many interesting choices that I splurge on notebooks that simply catch my eye. They are a little like a “statement” piece. I consider the purchase an everyday luxury, much like a really great cup of coffee.

My notebook habit may seem old-fashioned. However, it’s a habit I don’t intend to break. I have some quirky habits that are captured. For example, glancing at my notebook “system”, there are project notes and “to do” lists at the front and client interview notes toward the back (dated with contact phone numbers). I’m sure your system is equally as quirky. However, notebooks are so very forgiving.

Want to try a notebook? Below you’ll find a few interesting options. Click on the item photo or link to learn more, read the reviews or purchase.

I hope you find a notebook that can help your great ideas come to life.

Rhodia: This one is great for meetings.


Hand Crafted & Playful:

Blooming Branch Notebook by Fabulous Cat Papers.


Live.Work.Think.Play shares observations concerning a wide array of topics from running a company — to the perfect fragrance. It is designed to share lessons learned from a variety of perspectives.

8 thoughts on “You Should Carry a Notebook”

  1. Dear Dr. Marla,

    I really liked your idea carrying a notebook with self and jotting the things what you think or day to day list.
    Thank you so much for the article. Your article looks very simple but having a deep meaning in it.

    Decided to carry along with me.

    Thanks once again and have a pleasant evening.



  2. I took a quiz recently that was designed to tell you your preferred learning style. Mine was “verbal,” meaning I prefer to read and to take handwritten notes. Currently on my desk are post-it’s, a small notebook for informal notes and lists, and a portfolio with meeting and training notes. I always have a notebook with me – or three!

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  3. Not only do I carry a notebook, but I also still own and carry a Filofax around with me….I have to duplicate what is in my phone and on my Surface Pro, but at least if I run out of power on all electronic items, I still can access everything as it is all written down.
    Some call me old fashioned, personally I prefer to think of myself as practical and sensible 😉


  4. a hardcoded habit of mine:) I so can relate to the segmenting of the notebook to capture the different events:) long live the notebook…


  5. I have always had a notebook habit. I used to do it for my personal life, but now do it for everything because personal and work overlap so often. Although there are electronic equivalents, I too, prefer the pen and paper. It has a grounding and “zen-like” effect on the brain. Almost the meditative effect that doodling has. While writing something down, it will give the brain time to reflect, and the psyche to internalize the thought/action. Science supports these statements I highly recommend it! Thank you for sharing this insight!


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