Need to Boost Your Creativity? We Have a Playlist for You!


We all need a creativity “jump start” from time to time.

At live.work.think.play. we’d rather you didn’t stare at that blank screen or piece of paper, unsupported. So — we’ve pulled together a playlist that may help you understand why you could be struggling.

There is a rundown of this week’s featured playlist below. Find it listed under “Playlists” at our newly minted YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPobAd0urxAGPaVu4PNWsIQ.

Let us know what you think of our picks.

Creativity & Inspiration Playlist:

Huub Koch, 29 Ways to Stay Creative. This quirky visual story, tells us that where creativity is concerned — sitting at our desks is likely not the way forward.

Elizabeth Gilbert, Your Creative, Elusive Genius. In this fantastic TED Talk, Gilbert discusses the perceived dangers of making a living with creation. We find her talk to be both humorous and inspiring.

Elizabeth Gilbert, Success Failure, and the Drive to Create. J.K. Rowling is not the only prominent writer to face failure. Being a “creative” is a long and grueling road — and how we deal with both failure and success is vital.

Simon Sinek, Start with Why. Most often discussed in business circles, Sinek’s notion of “why” — gets to the core of how the greatest of creators actually create. Hint: It is all about perspective.

Ed Catmull, Overcoming the Forces That Stand in the way of True Inspiration. The force behind Pixar (yes!) discusses how we can stand in the way of our own creativity — and how he helped his own team move beyond that struggle.

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Have a possible addition to the playlist? Leave your suggestion in comments.

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