The Everyday Guide to Work Spaces: Make It Your Temple


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I have a lovely, vintage painting of an Italian countryside near my desk.

I find myself glancing at it frequently during the day. In the foreground there are olive trees and a group of children running up a hillside. In the distance, you can see the blurred outline of a small village amidst the mountains. The painting is an integral part of my workspace. Somehow it inspires me. I can’t say exactly how or why, but it takes me to a place beyond the walls of my home office. The painting functions somewhat like a contemplative garden — or temple — helping me to focus.

I have seen quite a few uninspiring work environments over the years. When I enter a client space that is dark and drab or cluttered and chaotic — I actually begin to feel their overwhelm. I always imagine those working there, feel somewhat the same way. Many of  them expressed they found it difficult to focus and become productive and that is not at all surprising.

There was no energy or joy present.

The practice of ignoring the physical aspects of where you work is not a wise one, as our workplace surroundings do affect us. Ultimately, work environments should be considered quite carefully. The space should function like a temple — focusing deep respect and care toward our work.

Your space reflects who you are and the importance of your work. Here are “temple” elements you should incorporate into your work space:

  • Peace. Work environments should be calming — not mired with endless drama or negativity. There should be at least one dedicated space that is quiet, so you have the ability to hear yourself think.
  • Simplicity. Office environments should be streamlined, with as little meaningless clutter as possible. It helps to be somewhat organized. You should be able to find important items when you need them.
  • Symmetry. Visual components which include symmetry can add a feeling of balance to your work space. You can group pictures or objects into pleasing patterns; you may find this soothing during hectic times.
  • Inspiration. Just as temples can bring moments of inspiration, your workspace should also be energizing. Fill your work environment with people, conversation and visual cues that help you feel positive and successful.
  • Respect. At the core, your space should convey the respect you hold for your work and what you have set out to accomplish. Your surroundings should celebrate not only your past, but where you are headed.

Is your workspace a temple? Tell us how and why.

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3 thoughts on “The Everyday Guide to Work Spaces: Make It Your Temple”

  1. This is such a wonderful, important statement. Considering the amount of time many folks spend at work, it should be a place that fosters joy, peace and inspiration… or at least doesn’t suck. :). Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing with us.


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