The Hidden Gardens of NYC’s West Village

Nicole#1jpgBy: Nicole Coffaro

On occasion, walking through the city can be overwhelming.

While there’s truly a plethora of lovely sights — it can also be impossible to walk freely. There are millions of people that just like you, are rushing to their lunch breaks or to be home with their families after a long day. The temporary quiet and solace found while turning down a side street is abruptly terminated by a loud jackhammer and the honk of a speeding car. And you personally can’t blame them.

You respect the fact that there is always work to be done — always somewhere to go.

It’s what makes up who you are, as well. That same need to move forward, is what gives you the tenacity and boldness to step into the center of the world every day and face that day with purpose. But, sometimes, you need to refresh yourself in order to continue giving all that you can.

Finding respite in the middle of such an active landscape is absolutely essential to your personal health.

There are a number of places throughout the city that can serve as the perfect escape — places where you can catch your breath, take stock of where you are, and experience the imperative and glorious gift of gratitude. It’s exactly what your day needs, without question.

These hidden gardens serve as the first Village Secret that we’d like to impart to you. The West Village is full of sweet secrets that color the history and culture of its dwellers, and among the most charming, are these gardens. So, enjoy them, and allow the peace found in them to infiltrate your busy life.

The Gardens at St. Luke in the Fields

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the busier parts of the village, this is quite possibly one of the most relaxing places in the entire city. Established in 1842 (the church itself was built in 1821), its five different areas include a bluestone patio, a special rose garden, and trees as old as 100 years. There are plenty of corners and benches ideal for quiet reflection. Swing by Hudson Street to admire and appreciate this gem.



Jefferson Market Garden

The Jefferson Market Library is located on one of the busiest street corners in the village, and the garden is right beside it — making it a much needed resting spot right in the middle of chaos. If you’re on the go, running from place to place, this is the optimal stop for a break.

Nicole #4


Its gorgeous blooms throughout the year, make it a popular site for weddings, festivals, parties, and other events. During the week, especially, it serves as a hidden delight for those desiring a restful interlude in the midst of a busy life.
Do you know of secret gardens that offer a respite in your busy city? Share your thoughts and write for us.
The photos:
Image 1: Mitch Broder’s Vintage New York
Image 2: The Church of St. Luke in the Fields
Image 3: Tales of A Madcap Heiress
Image 4: Andreas Komodromos/Flickr
Image 5: openhousenewyork
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Nicole Caffaro resides in NYC & works in the west village at Noah Waxman — a luxury shoe brand rooted in timeless design and craftsmanship. Find their website and company story here.
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