3 Talks About Life (and Risk) That Will Encourage You to “Show Up”


Putting yourself out there is rarely easy.

Whether you are considering a life or career move — taking that risk and showing up for your dream can be a struggle. Even when we know the path is what you desire. As human beings, it is simply a natural instinct to circle the wagons and protect ourselves.

However, as protection can potentially control our losses, it can also limit our forward progress. Whitney Johnson aptly talks about this iconic dilemma in her HBR post: Always, Always, Always Show Up. (To be honest, her post could have saved my psyche had it been published earlier — when I realized LinkedIn’s Influencer Program included a “follow” button.)

When we guard ourselves too vehemently — we can miss the moments that just might matter.

Here are 3 talks to help you grapple with these emotions and argue with yourself more effectively. (You can also see the playlist at our channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPobAd0urxAGPaVu4PNWsIQ)

Hoping you decide to show up!

Brene Brown at 99U: Your critics are not the one’s who count.
It’s tough to create. But, your critics shouldn’t be the loudest voice in your head.

Alison Legerwood: Getting stuck in the negatives.
Dr Legerwood discusses how our past experiences predispose us to remain in a “loss” mindset — and how we need to change that dynamic.

Whitney Johnson: Personal disruption is a mindset.
Whitney honestly asks herself, “Did I really show up, did I really take my dream on?”

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