Live Life at Your Own Speed (and No One Else’s)


I often find myself wondering how social sharing might impact our lives. Highlight reels. Primped and posed. There are advantages, I suppose. Yet, how this ultimately affects well-being does weigh on my mind. We must remind ourselves to seek our own best life, not someone else’s. The pressure to seek what another might seek, could become deafening. As an individual who has always required a slower pace, more peace and more quiet — I’ll weigh in with some very simple advice: Be you.

We can lose ourselves, ever so slowly with a nod to please others. We might sense that others do not approve of what we enjoy (the slower road with the vegetable stand). Judge that other people’s paths — are somehow better than the path that is perfectly suited to us.

So — keep all of this in mind.

If you enjoy quiet moments in a garden, seek those spaces.

If you want to stay home, fight for your homebody status.

If you enjoy spaces filled with music and raucous celebration, find them.

If you enjoy the turn of a book’s page, make a date with that story.

If you feel compelled to absorb the smell, the lights and bustle of the city — open that window and breathe it.

If you seek secluded places, near salty ocean air, set your sights to reach them.

If you feel the need to slow down (or speed up) — block comparisons and refrain from judgements that somehow what you seek falls short.

Above all.

Live your life at your own speed.

And no one else’s.

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is an avid coffee drinker, blogger & occasional creative type. She is unwavering in her quest to help others respect their unique blueprint. Live.Work.Think.Play shares observations concerning a wide array of topics from running a company — to the perfect fragrance. It is designed to share lessons learned from a variety of perspectives.

5 thoughts on “Live Life at Your Own Speed (and No One Else’s)”

  1. I really appreciate this short article. We all have to define our best life and seek it for ourselves. Thanks for the encouragement.


  2. I agree with the phrase “live your life”.It is very important to be able to live at your own pace, to enjoy what you do.We are the only judges of our own life.
    Tkanks a lot for this article


  3. Yes live your life may seem the ultimate goal and the best choice but how could you leave your even grown up child who still needs you and care for only your dreams, how could you leave a grandchild who needs you and live your dreams. I have sacrificed all my life and I really want to now live my dream but cannot because they still need me. I cannot break and separate my heart does not allow me although my mind and all my being wants to, it is a very fragile point hope one day I can do it.


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