The Everyday Guide: Dream Office 101


Photo: Pinterest

Working in a setting that inspires, is really a no brainer: It just works. Your physical workspace has an impact on both creativity & productivity. If you have the luxury of a dedicated space to work, make the most of it. (More ideas if you do not, in an upcoming post.)

We’ve decided to share dream office options and help you make them a reality.We’ll cover the key elements — and offer options to recreate the vision.

This week we’re breaking down the design genius of Domicile ID’s gold and teal office. With a tinge of the 1960’s — it is a modern throwback with a dash of glimmering polish. It definitely grabbed me right away. (Judging from the reaction on Instagram, it grabbed you as well.)

Element #1: The Desk
If you love a sleek, cool vibe — you cannot go wrong with a Parsons desk. Created at the iconic Parsons School of Design in New York City, this desk is 100% a classic. (Somehow we picture every chic magazine editor sitting at one of these.) We’re big fans.

Parsons desks are available in a wide range of colors — but, somehow in white, it simply sings. Here is a great option from All Modern. There are a number of variations on this classic vibe in their collection.

Cyrene Reversible Desk: https://bit.ly/38J4The Auxley Computer desk, which is available from Amazon is another option. (Click on photo).


Element #2: Mid-Century Metal Wall Decor
We love this inspired addition to the design. Luckily this element is enjoying a bit of a resurgence in popularity, so there are quite a few options. If you can get your hands on a vintage piece — go with that. There are currently a number of one-of-a-kind items at Etsy.

This newer option from Wayfair is right on the money.
Martha Stewart 2-piece Clio Wall Decor Set: https://bit.ly/3BLVP0W


Element #3: Light Reflecting Lamps
The pair of lamps atop the credenza, lends a nice dose of symmetry to the design. They are also quite practical — as two lamps offer improved task lighting. They aren’t genie lamps per se, but we think that style would work well.

Here are a couple of great lamp options:
This sleek version from All Modern would add a mid-century twist: https://bit.ly/2WRUIOK



The Schick concrete and brass lamp would also make a statement: https://bit.ly/3kVfTYa

Element #4 : A little teal please! This ottoman will bring unexpected color to your space.

Mercer 41’s Bullen Velvet Ottoman would add the perfect finishing touch.


Hoping this offers a few ideas to help your workspace become a little more inspiring. Let us know if you incorporate your own items and how things turn out.

Meanwhile, we’re on the hunt for more gorgeous spaces to recreate.

If you like the series, let us know in comments.

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