Three Reads: Our Weekly Picks


Feel the need to read? We’re adding a weekly feature at Live.Work.Think.Play. With so many interesting posts across the web — we felt the need to share what we’ve been reading. Staying true to our mission to expand your perspective, you’ll find the article titles are quite varied. Some titles will be newly published, others newly discovered.


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  • How to Do Nothing, Jenny Odell at Medium. You might feel like you are falling into the proverbial rabbit hole with this one, but stick with it and follow Ms. Odell on this remarkable journey. (Take this post in stages.) Like a slow burn — you’ll won’t even realize that something has awakened within you.
  • Seven Rules for Working at a Coffee Shop, (Put this one on hold.) Brenna Houck at Eater. Picking up my daily coffee, I often pass by the “regulars” who set up shop at the shop. Yet, I never think about what are doing, to earn their right to stay. If you have any doubts about that exchange relationship — this might help you learn the ropes.
  • How to Move From Self-Awareness to Self-Improvement, Jennifer Porter at Harvard Business Review. When it comes down to it, change requires more than being aware — you have to actually change your behavior. Some great ideas to get there.

Live.Work.Think.Play shares observations concerning a wide array of topics from founding a company — to the perfect office gift. It is designed to share lessons learned from a variety of perspectives.

2 thoughts on “Three Reads: Our Weekly Picks”

    1. Marla, I’d like to recommend to you another interesting WordPress blog. “Secrets of a Museum Junkie” by hildyeich@gmail.com (secretsofamuseumjunkie.com). I think you write about similar issues and might enjoy meeting. And…thank you for your words of inspiration. 🤓 💐


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