6 Ideas to Help You Rediscover the Joy of Reading

Katarina Sikuljak @unsplash

Most of us would hesitate to admit that we are not reading (or not reading nearly enough). There is an unspoken pressure to do so — with so many messages that tell us that more books is, well, just more. I do a fair share of my reading on-line, in the form of articles. However, my interactions with books has fallen sharply over the last few years. Simply put, there are things that stand in the way.

Here are a few quick suggestions concerning the elements that may require our attention. Hopefully, one or two, may help.

  • Acknowledge that less, can be more. A slim book stack doesn’t signal an issue, unless you make it one. Digesting fewer books on productivity, for example — yet actually applying what you’ve learned — is preferable to tearing through multiple books simply for the sake of it. Speed reading, isn’t everyone’s speed. Remember that.
  • Set a reasonable goal to reconnect. Utilize the Pomodoro technique (25 minutes) or James Clear’s page target (20 pages a day). Limit the pressure.
  • Consider the subject. If your life or work could be characterized as heavy or stressful and you have the inclination toward engaging with more heavy topics as reading material, more power to you. However, I’ll wager that a change of “mental scenery” could make reading more approachable. While many would poo-poo a pure fiction series such as Bridgerton — or a even a light memoir — this might be what is necessary to move you back into the fold. (More fiction picks below. See our book list as well.) Sometimes Jane Eyre or the inner workings of our economy, just isn’t what you need.
  • A personal book nook. Where you read is an integral part of rediscovering a love for books. Find that location that is comfortable, quiet and somewhat free of interruptions.
  • A time for reading. Daily rituals matter. Designating a time for reading, will help you fall into the habit of opening a book. Remember to keep your latest read in a place where it won’t be overlooked. Hopefully, the cover alone will remind you of what you read last and help you to anticipate the next pages.
  • The eyes have it. Tired or stressed eyes, can deter you from engaging with a book for pleasure. If you require glasses to read close-up for any length of time, remember to be certain that your prescription is up to date. Because of the pandemic, many of us haven’t rounded back to have our eyes checked.

Do you have a tip for someone who has lost their way, reading-wise? Share it in comments.

More: Here is a complete guide to fictional best seller’s from Rachael at The Booklist Queen.

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