3 Quick Ways to Add a Bit of Panache To Any Space

Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

I am spending a lot more time at home these days — and as a result, paying much more attention to my personal surroundings. (Our physical surroundings do affect us.) When it comes to building an interesting design aesthetic that offers a sense of comfort, the small things really do matter.

So — if you find yourself rearranging your furniture & accessories with less than spectacular results, we’ve collected a few ideas to indulge your whims, while minimizing the financial commitment.

Our suggestions:

  1. Invest in Unique Pillow Covers. We’ve developed a devoted following to West Elm’s ever-changing collection of pillow covers. (I have a few in my linen closet, waiting in the wings.) The fabrics are not only stylish, but possess a certain level of quality not usually seen at their price point. Options run the gamut from bohemian to chunky knits — to modern and sleek. Once you invest in the pillow inserts (Amazon likely has what you need), you are good to change things out to your heart’s desire. Snare a couple on clearance to give them an initial try on. It’s a win-win.
West Elm’s Canyon Pillow Cover

2. Create Your Own Art with Pressed Flower Frames. These frames open up a world of opportunity for those bits & treasures you would like to enjoy on a bedside table, shelf or gallery wall. (Ikea’s LERBODA frame is a current favorite. It does double-duty as an easel style frame, with a detachable chain to also function as a wall hanging.) You can insert art, photos, pressed flowers or any other element that would have design impact and bring you joy.

Ikea’s LERBODA Frame

3. A New Lampshade (or Two). As we all know, lamps can be a significant investment even on their best day. So, when changing your base isn’t possible — a new shade could be the answer. There are more textures and fabrics than I can count; so finding the right style is really just all about shopping around. BTW, don’t overlook sites such as Etsy (check out shops like Morlibird & Blue Crocus Textiles). We’ll admit they are not entirely inexpensive, but a better option than replacing the entire base/shade combo.

Voyage Maison Fabric Lampshade
from Blue Crocus Textiles

Have another idea? Share it in comments.

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