About LWTP

Life shouldn’t be lived marching to someone else’s drummer.
It’s all about the small things that combine to form an original way of life — one that offers you a sense of satisfaction and joy.

LiveWorkThinkPlay was born to help you discover your own lifestyle.
We cover a wide range of topics, bringing together a host of voices relevant to modern life. Helping you design your world — in a way that is uniquely inspiring to you.


What you’ll find at LWTP:

  • Thoughtful, relevant topics. Carefully chosen topics that “peel the onion” (so to speak) and enrich your world.
  • Down-to-earth advice. Articles that help you meet the everyday challenges you might be facing & how to develop new habits that can help change the equation.
  • Experts & more. LWTP taps into the knowledge of experts — bringing you contributors that offer you an informed, fresh perspective.
  • Laser-focused products* and education. Recommendations for books, learning experiences and products that resonate with the LWTP mission — to bring clarity and understanding to life & work.
  • Inspiration. Find that needed spark to explore the creative edges of your life.

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