How You Start the Day Matters. Why Not Start with Art?

Claude Monet’s Water Lilies at MoMa, Source: Wikipedia.

How we begin our day is a window to how it might unfold. If things begin on a rough note, the day is likely a tough one. If the day starts smoothly — well — things just seem to naturally sail along.

Advice about eating a proper breakfast and exercise, is all well and good. (Research discussed here, explores how A.M. negativity can affect us hours later.) However, I rarely see creative initiatives aimed directly at this vital time of the day.

Until now.

Leave it to NYC to come up up with something simply brilliant.

I happened to come across this post, which describes how NYC’s MoMa (The Museum of Modern Art) opens its doors early the first Wednesday of each month. The initiative named “Quiet Mornings” — stresses the importance of calm and mindfulness before the start of the workday. You can wander through the exhibits and even join a guided mediation session, before your brain becomes clogged with emails and texts. It can help your workday develop into something quite different.

Here is a little of how MoMa describes the event:

See your favorite works from MoMA’s collection and take in select new exhibitions, all without the crowds. For these specially priced early hours, we encourage visitors to take time to look slowly, clear your head, silence your phones, and get inspiration for the day and week ahead.

I can’t think of anything better. Besides adding coffee, of course.

Check for future dates at MoMa here.

We need to bring this idea to every city. If an early morning program doesn’t exist, try sneaking in a walk around as soon as your local museum opens — then begin your day.

What elements help your day start in the right direction?

Dr. Marla Gottschalk writes about life and career. Her posts have appeared at various outlets worldwide including US News & World Report, Forbes, Quartz and The World Economic Forum.

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